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World Travelers Association
About Us:

World Travelers Association (WTA) is an organization designed to help you travel on a budget while still experiencing new cultures and indulging in the beauty of countries around the world. Jorge Branco is here to create a custom adventure for you from first hand experience while making it worth the while by giving back to the community with “Adventure Travel for a cause.”

The Adventure:

WTA includes epic adventures guided by professionally trained Tour Operators. Each escapade captures the essence of the host country specifically, helping you gain wisdom and insight. Examples include: surfing, hiking, kayaking and fishing along with endless other life changing opportunities.

The Cause:

What better way to build character and assimilate with foreign cultures than giving back to the community as you enjoy a vacation? Groups will volunteer some time and services in order to put a smile on the faces of appreciative children at local orphanages or Boys & Girls Clubs. Teaching, playing and learning with the youth is a great way to grow and develop while still enjoying a beautiful getaway! 

What is included?

Accommodations, adventure costs, lessons, tours and transportation will all be covered in the price you pay. This may fluctuate among different trips, but essentially all of your needs will be provided for. Still, no money can provide for the amazing experiences you will gain during your trip. 

Where will I be staying?

World Travelers Association Accommodation provides local vacation housing which includes all living amenities such as towels, linens, full kitchen, security and anything else you would need for your stay. Everything will be made as comfortable as possible for your stay.

What will I eat?

All housing accommodations include a full kitchen providing the comfort of cooking your own food. Also, as it is one of WTA’s main goals is to integrate with culture, arrangements will be made with groups to eat at local restaurants and enjoy native delicacies.

How will I get around:

Transportation will be provided depending on the trip, and its location.
When Transportation is not included, only reliable and trustworthy taxi services will be used. World Travelers Association will always work to provide safe and reliable transportation in any situation.

Who will I be traveling with?

Groups will be comprised of energetic, thrill seeking individuals who are looking to obtain a similar experience as you. These adventurous yet selfless people will be interested in giving back to the community while expanding their own perspectives, experiences and knowledge.